Saturday, August 1, 2009

VBS Funnies

VBS was a blast. It was exhausting towards the end of the week, going almost straight to church after working all day but I wouldn't have traded it for anything. A few favorite funny moments from helping in the nursery:

Me: Do you have a dirty diaper?
Little boy: No. I'm poopy.

We decorated foam crowns one night and one little boy was going to get stuck with a pink crown, luckily one wanted a pink crown. Later on I asked him if he were a king. His response: "No, I'm a princess." :-)

The other hilarious part of the week was when one little boy complained of a stomach ache and just a few moments later, um, let it rip. Anyone who came into the room for the rest of the night made faces at the lingering smell. The good news, the little boy felt better! :-)

It really was a great week. It was fun to see kids singing and dancing around to the music and worshiping the best way they knew how to.

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