Monday, August 31, 2009

Meet Me in St. Louie

After almost a year, yes, I know that's sad, Mike and I finally made it back to St. Louis. Between my parents coming here to visit my grandparents every few weeks and Mike and I being anxious about everything that has been going on at work, we just haven't made it work but I promise, it won't be that long before we go back.

Mike and I drove to STL Friday after work. We got there late and tried to sleep in a little but Lily had other plans. We hung out at the house for most of the day but my Mom and I did go to the mall for a little bit so I could find some new tops (didn't find any but my Mom did buy me a new skirt and I can't wait to wear it in NYC this weekend!). I also wanted to go into Pottery Barn to look at the rug we want to get for our living room to a) look at it in person make sure it was really what I wanted (it definitely is) and b) to see if it were on sale in the store even though it wasn't in the magazine (it wasn't). We went to church Saturday night and it was so good to see several of our wonderful friends. I'm so sorry if we missed you but again, we'll be back soon! :-)

My car did narrowly miss getting nailed by a huge branch that fell out of a tree next to my parent's driveway. I have a little dent on the trunk but other than that, there wasn't any damage and we are very thankful for that. Not to mention being thankful it fell when it did rather than 2-3 minutes earlier when Mike was looking at the tires. These pictures were taken after we had pulled the branch away from my car to survey the damage.

Sunday morning we went to my Mom's new office. Her company just moved into a new building and OH MY GOODNESS it's amazing! After we looked at her office, we headed downtown to join Cardinal nation for the afternoon. Oh how I miss living in a town with a MLB team! (Family pics are on Dad's camera and I haven't gotten those from him yet.)

We headed back today but not after loading my car up with a bunch of stuff I still had at my parents as well as my grandmother's china. We're having Thanksgiving at our house and I thought it would be special to use Grammie's china so my parents let me bring it back with me.

Hope ya'll had a great weekend!

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