Tuesday, August 25, 2009


My great aunt is singing in heaven tonight. First of all, please keep Irene's daughters, grandchildren and great-grandchildren in your prayers. Instead of being sad, I thought I'd share my favorite story of her.

My family was in Oklahoma City one weekend visiting my Mom's cousin Charlotte and Irene was visiting too. After church, knowing Charlotte would talk for awhile, we decided to head back to Charlotte's and take Irene. We got to our car, a suburban, and when Irene could not get in the car. Between her skirt, being a little older, and her short legs, she just couldn't get up high enough to get in SO I got in the backseat and grabbed her arm while my Mom stood on the outside to help lift/push Irene in. It was hilarious watching us, especially with Irene laughing at the whole ordeal, making us laugh and therefore making it that much harder to get her into the car. It was something I will never forget.

I don't have a picture of Irene (I really need to get the disc of all 1 million pictures of my childhood from my Mom) but here's a picture of Irene's mom (my great-grandmother, aka Nanny), Irene's sister (my grandmother, also named Charlotte), Irene's niece (my Mom, Camille), and me.


Katie B said...

OH MY WORD-- you look just like your mom!!!

the Provident Woman said...

What a great memory.