Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Relaxation After Frustration

Last week, and the start of this one, have been "those" weeks.

After one of "those" weeks/days, I love coming home to make dinner for Mike and me, putting the Norah Jones, Michael Buble or Jamie Cullum station on Pandora and dancing to the music while I cook.

It is one of the simple pleasures that makes me feel a million times better and remember that the little things at work arent' that big of a deal.

(Hearing Mandisa's "It's Only the World" on my way home was definately the turning point in my funk this evening though. That girl can sing and I'm sure the other drivers on the road think I'm nuts as they see me trying to sing along.)

1 comment:

renee said...

i'm sorry you had one of "those" buddy. wish we could have lunch and make it better! love your guts! thinking about you and praying for you!