Friday, July 31, 2009

My Girls, His Guys & The Flowers

Kelly's Korner is continuing with the wedding theme this week and today we get to show off our wedding party and the flowers. (It's a long one folks!)

First, the flowers. We didn't pick 'colors' for our wedding - I just wanted fall colors. My Mom, and some wonderful friends of hers, did all of the flowers for the wedding with the exception of two arrangements at the front of the church. They were perfect and I wish I could have fresh flowers like them in my house all the time. (and yes, my Mom pretty much rocks)

My bridesmaids were wonderful and all looked absolutely amazing and I am thankful to call them all friends. From l to r:

Lisa - we were both PR majors in school and in the same sorority (aka club) in school. She shared her couch with me so many times when I went to visit Mike while he was still in school and she is now finishing school to be a midwife - I am SO proud of her.

Bev - she was a Comm. major with Lisa and me. We lived on the same hall freshman year but didn't truly become friends until junior year. We spent many a Friday night hanging out and scrapping because it was way more fun than going to Wally World.

Kelcey - my freshman roomie, junior suite mate and fellow sorority member. I have so many stories and special memories with her and still laugh at so many of them. Kelcey and her husband live in NYC and she just finished her Masters at NYU in social work - SO proud of her too and I can't wait to see her in September!

Bethany - my best friend since I was in 5th grade and she was in 4th. We are 1 year, 1 month and 1 day apart in age and complete opposites. I keep the boat as still as possible and she rocks it like crazy. We can not talk or see each other for extended amounts of time and pick right back up where we left off. She gets parts of me like nobody else ever will.

Kelli - another Comm major! Lisa, Bev, Kelli and I spent countless evenings talking, laughing, watching Gilmore Girls, working on homework and the school paper and so much more. Kelli was also in my sorority - my first real memory of her was when we were trying to coordinate our talent show dance during induction - lets just say we have no rhythm, espeically at 1 in the morning. :-)

Natalie - we worked together at our church in MO. Looking back on it, I should have known that she was expecting since she didn't have any wine at the reception but I wasn't paying attention that night so technically, baby Abbie was in the wedding too. :-) Natalie and her husband have been such a blessing to me and I love seeing them when Mike and I go back to visit.

The guys - we'll keep this short. :-)

My brother, Andrew; Mike's college friend and teammate, Ben; a friend from home, Kevin; my brother, Jordan; a college friend and classmate, Stephen; another college friend and classmate, Dan; a friend from home, school and baseball, Sean; and Mike's brother, Jeff. I did have to laugh - all of the groomsmen were 6' or taller, three of my bridesmaids were 5'8" and the other three were 5'3". My Mom asked if there were any way we could "even things out" and I had to laugh, there was just no way.

Erin and Kristin were my guest table attendants. Erin got married the following September and Kristin, the following August. Kristin and Casey are expecting their first little one the day before our anniversary (I'm hoping he'll come a day late) :-) These girls have incredible faiths and I am so blessed to know them.

Casey and Sam handed out the programs. I worked with their Mom at church and LOVE their family. They are so giving and Casey was recently featured on the news for winning a community service grant and using the money to improve a home for pregnant teens and moms. They are both awesome athletes soI got them Dick's Sporting Goods gift cards as a 'thank you' but had to get Casey a necklace to match the rest of the girls!

Last but not least, Brooke and Garrett were our flower girl and ring bearer. Again, I worked with their Mom at church. These have to be the funniest kids I've ever met. Brooke is NOT a fan of Mike (because he takes my attention away from her) and I kept teasing Mike that he might want to wear shin guards because she might come down the aisle and kick him. They were absolutely wonderful during the wedding and I miss them so much!

Whew, if you made it this far, YAY! Thanks for letting me 'brag' on some of the people who made our day so special!


Beth P. said...

Your bouquets came out beautifully! The first picture is gorgeous!

Jessica and Michael said...

Beautiful pictures! You made such a lovely bride.

Rona's Home Page said...

I love the color of your flowers. They're so beautiful.
I've so enjoyed looking at all the ladies' wedding photos. There's so much love, beauty and creativity.
I love your dress. Everyone looks so gorgeous.
Thank you for sharing your beautiful day!

Anonymous said...

You are blessed to have such great friends! Beautiful flowers and wedding.

Aggie said...

Just visiting from Kellys Korner

I love your flowers! They actually remind me a lot of mine!