Tuesday, June 2, 2009

This makes me smile

Lately, I'm trying to focus on the simple things that can make me smile. One of those simple things that has made me smile lately is this commercial.

My favorite part is the water "melting".

What simple things make you smile?

In other news, Mike and I almost have our road trip planned for our furlough and I'm pumped. We're going to see so much of the west part of the US that we (but especially I) have never seen before.


Lyryn said...

Commercials, what are commercials? Now that some awesome person invented TiVo and DVR… who watches commercials?!!? Just kidding, actually there are some really funny ones out there. My husband and I love to stop on all the Mac commercials. They are hysterical!

~Katie said...

My kids LOVE that commercial. Every time it comes on they both stop and stare. Haha.