Monday, June 22, 2009

Furlough: Day 1

So, today began our 4-week furlough from work. So far we have:
  • cleaned out and organized the garage. Actually, that was all Mike and I'm so glad he did it because it needed it and it's just in time for the garage portion of Kelly's house tour. Ha ha!
  • cleaned and organized master closet and dresser and under the master and bedroom sinks. That was all me.
  • wiped down all of the baseboards upstairs. They'll need wiping down again after we install the laminate flooring in a few weeks. Yahoo!
  • took old clothes to Goodwill (and almost bought an old school desk that would have been so fun to refinish. Who knows, I may still go back and get it but we don't NEED it right now. Hmmmm.)
Things still to do:
  • Install hardwood floors.
  • Clean the rest of the house
  • Clean & organize the storage room.
  • I'm sure there's more but I'll think of them later

On a completely unrelated note. I ran into Hobby Lobby on my way to Goodwill. There was fall decor, think pumpkins and autumn leaves on the second aisle. It was kind of nice because I know summer is going to fly by and autumn is my favorite season - it made me think of cool days because I'm already exhausted of this heat. Then, 10 rows back... wait for it... CHRISTMAS decor! Not kidding, I know people do the whole Christmas in July thing but it's JUNE and as much as I love Christmas, it's JUNE!!!

Thank you for listening. :-)


Susie from Bienvenue said...

Hobby Lobby is crazy..... I still still find myself checkinh out all of the new goodies. This year Im going to try and enjoy the season and not rush things BUT.... I say that every year hehe

renee said...

i love HL!!!!

Lyryn said...

You can-do-it! (in that silly Mexican voice you always hear in one for Adam Sandler movies. ha)