Monday, June 15, 2009

Ode to a blue tarp

(This won't really be an "ode", but just go with it...)

I have officially become "that" neighbor.

Long story short - the dog started digging up the carpet next to our deck door (no big deal, we were planning on putting wood floors down), then we found mold under the area she was digging up because water was coming in through the door. STUBBORN me thinks we can fix it. Mike and I spent several hours Saturday trying to fix the door Saturday with no luck, we actually managed to make it worse for awhile. I finally give and we go to Lowe's and we buy a storm door to help keep the water out, we fix the door and get it back to where it was but, to prevent further water damage until the storm door arrives and is installed we have one of these beauties over our door:

I'm sure our neighbors love looking at it. It does cast a lovely blue light into our dining area but I want to see outside! (It's tornado season, I hear sirens and if I don't go outside when I hear them, I at least look outside and the tarp does not work well for monitoring the sky.)

The good news is, we're watching the weather so much tonight that none of the local stations will air any of the normal shows, it's all weather so I'm trying to be thankful that the ugly blue thing is only temporary and will keep the water out in the mean time.


renee said...

be safe, buddy!

Frank Pseudonymous said...

windows. they are objects that have a single pane, or multiple panes, of glass that allow a person to observe objects or events occurring on the other side of them. it is like x-ray vision. you are, in reality, a superhero - you have the ability to look through walls! you may use windows to observe storms when you have an ugly blue tarp over your (storm) door.

i bet your neighbors think you are trashy, or that you are growing illegal drugs. i hope you aren't kicked out of the neighborhood.