Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Revelation

My work's dress code won't let us wear flip-flops. I get it, completely, and don't argue but man are there days I wish I could throw a pair of flip-flops or a cute pair of sandles on with a skirt or dress.

My boss and I were talking about this and she shared a wonderful revelation she had becaues of another co-worker's "flip-flops" one day. The co-worker was wearing sandles that my boss considered flip-flops and teased her that she was breaking the rules. The co-worker stated that they were "dressy flip-flops" and therefore didn't break the rules. They consulted with someone in HR and she concurred that they were, in fact, "dressy flip-flops" and were within the dress code guidelines. 

So, here I am, having worked so hard to stay within the guidelines and now I have this news. I'm pumped. I saw these on sale at the Gap the other day and didn't get them because I didn't think they'd be work appropriate but I'm going for it now. YAY!


renee said...

i love it!!!!!

Lyryn said...

Isn't that the most ridiculous rule EVER! We have it too... but I always get around it somehow. I never wear like those cheap looking sandals but I wear REALLY nice ones. I mean if I could wear them in the winter I would. I love them so! Hope it all works out! :)