Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Furlough: Day 2

Whew! It's hot... I knew there was a reason I wasn't a fan of summer. A lot of what we do during the day is 'scheduled' based on whether or not it requires us to be outside - if it does, we do it earlier in the morning before the lovely Midwestern heat really kicks in.

Today we:
  • made cinnamon bites for breakfast (aka, Grands biscuits cut into quarters, dipped in a little butter and then cinnamon and sugar and then bake!)
  • took my car in for servicing. Worst experience at the dealership ever. It really wasn't that bad, just annoying. I'm thankful for a husband who knows about car stuff so I don't get "had".
  • went to the jeweler and had a new battery put in my watch (and had my rings cleaned - SO shiny now!)
  • ran more errands and bout Mike new pants, jeans and a shirt at Eddie Bauer's sale.
  • cleaned the basement
  • shredded our "shred pile"
  • went through old magazines, ripped out inspiration pages and threw the rest out. (We don't have recycling here, bummer)
  • and my favorite, I took a two hour nap. I could get used to that...
That's it! Fairly productive. Now, dinner and out to brave this crazy heat for Mike's softball game. I'm just glad it's not until 8...

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