Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Furlough: Day 3

I think this Furlough count thing as the headlines of blog entries is going to get old soon. I may stop after today, or at least not do them as often.

Today we:
  • went to the dentist (me - and got a clean bill of health, yahoo!)
  • organized our storage room in the basement (more Mike than me)
  • steamed the dining room side of our living area so that we can reuse the carpet in the storage room when we eventually turn the room into a craft/computer workroom for Mike
  • supervised as our new flooring was delivered
  • checked on two friend's homes since they're out of town
Since I haven't had any pictures the last few days, here are some pictures of what will soon turn into a complete mess!

The empty dining room being steamed (and notice the lovely blue light coming in thanks to the blue tarp) :

The mess on the living room side (our flooring stacked up on the fireplace!):

The hallway with the boards we pulled out of one box. We wanted to get a better idea of what it was going to look like!

Tomorrow - steaming the living room side and who knows what else...

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