Monday, October 11, 2010

Europe - Day 6

Our first morning in Salzburg was spent taking the Sound of Music Tour. :-)

Not going to lie - a lot of it was kind of disappointing because you couldn't actually be at the sites, only drive by (like the front of the house used in the movie and the tree-lined road) but the Lake District featured at the beginning of the movie was beautiful and well worth seeing.
The house used as the back of the Von Trapp home.
The gazebo! It used to sit outside of the building below (which is now used as a conference center) and the people who run it got tired of people hopping the fence and trying to get to the gazebo so they moved it to outside of Hellbrun Palace. The doors are locked because, as our tour guide told us, an 80 year old broke her hip trying to dance around the benches and it was decided that it was a safety hazard. Who knows if it's true but it makes for a funny story.
The lake district. Isn't it amazing?!
The church used for the wedding scene in the movie.
We had apple strudel in the town of Mondsee. It was wonderful!
The lake next to Mondsee.
Back in Salzburg - Mirabell Gardens.
THE stairs. :-)
After the tour we walked up to the fortress in Salzburg. We walked around the inside on our own but the pictures aren't that exciting.
But the view from the fortress is incredible!

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