Sunday, October 10, 2010

Europe - Day 3

We got up the next morning and headed to the chateau. The building itself was impressive, as was the inside, but what we really went there to see were the gardens. They did not disappoint.
I want this kitchen! (but with some modern amenities...) :-)
The gardens. They went on and on and on.
This lake/fountain ran through the middle of all of the gardens.
On top of the chateau.

After we walked the gardens we took a taxi to a nearby town so we could catch a train back to Paris where we saw Notre Dame...

and then the Louvre. I had fun taking pictures of the pools on the inside of the "U" of the museum. We couldn't go in because it was Tuesday and the museum was closed but that's ok.

We relaxed outside for awhile, met some people in Paris on business (they were rather annoying, thus the guy posing in the background of our picture that one of them took for us) and then headed to the train station AGAIN so we could catch an overnight train to Munich.

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