Monday, October 11, 2010

Europe - Day 5

Neuschwanstein Castle was on the agenda the next day and it did not disappoint. It's hard to believe that this place is only 1/3 of the way finished!

This picture is from a bridge near the castle - the view was amazing! We actually walked to the bridge after we toured the castle.
In front of the castle before our tour.
The front of the castle.
The view from the throne room.
After our tour we grabbed our bags from our hotel and headed to Salzburg. We stayed at the same place my friends and I stayed during our visit in college. It took us a little bit of time to figure out where we needed to go to get there (it's a little way outside of the actual city) but we got there and all was good.
This was the view from our room. The "road" towards the bottom of the picture is actually the railraod. We had to take that in and out of town each day.

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