Sunday, October 10, 2010

Europe - Day 4

We got to Munich early the next morning and quickly realized that we really liked getting up early and seeing things before crowds of people filled the sidewalks. This fountain was at one end of the main walk through old town Munich. About 2 hours after this photo was taken there were people everywhere.

The flowers on this building were so pretty.
This is the glockenspiel and the plaza in front of it. We went back to watch the glockenspiel when it went off at 11 and the plaza was packed with people.
At the entrance to Oktoberfest. Again, we were there early and it was perfect for us - we got to look around without worrying about getting lost in the crowds.
We stopped at the Hofbrauhouse for a liter (that we shared)...
and for lunch. Some kind of pork with a crispy crust, that seemed more like dry leather to me, and a pretzel dumpling. It wasn't horrible but I wasn't a fan.
From Munich we headed to Fussen, Germany. The town was so cute and quaint and we loved being there.
We walked around town for awhile and were exhausted so we grabbed an easy dinner. Pizza from a place across from our hotel, milk from the grocery store (our first milk there - we were deprived of milk during our trip to the point that we have gone through almost 6 gallons in the week that we've been home), and some kind of cookie ball coated in chocolate that we found in a local shop.
After we ate we watched "Mr. Deeds" in German and went to bed!

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