Saturday, October 9, 2010

Europe - Day 2

We woke up on for our first full day in Europe, ate breakfast at our hostel and then walked to Sacre Couer to see the church and the view of Paris from the hill it sits on.

We went back to get our bags, hopped on a train, and headed to Saumur, France to visit Musee Des Blindes - a tank museum that Mike wanted to visit and that turned out to be one of the highlights of the trip.

From Saumur we took a train to a little town called Sauvingness (sp?) so that we could get to Villandry, France to see a chateau there the next day. We got off the train and there were a few buildings around but not much beyond that. We picked a direction and started walking and hoping we were going in the right direction. We saw a lady on a bike and asked if we were going in the right direction and she said we were - YAY!

The little town of Sauvingness was so pretty!

We ended up having to walk through quite a bit of country side before we got to our hotel in Villandry but the scenery was beautiful (once we knew we were headed in the right direction - after that I was just praying that we made it there before it got dark!)

Our dinner that night was one of our few "fancy" meals. The restaurant was in our hotel and the food was amazing!

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