Thursday, October 14, 2010

Europe - Day 12

We got up early the next morning and headed to Rome. We had grand plans of going in to the Colosseum and touring the Forum but the lines were already incredibly long (since we had to wait in line at the train station to check our bags, get metro tickets, and get bus tickets to the airport later that day) so we had to be content with just seeing the Colosseum.

The "wedding cake" - I cannot remember what this thing is called!
More ruins along the walk.
I wish we could have walked through the Forum but, unlike when I studied in Italy almost 7 years ago, you now have to pay to get in so we settled on seeing other random ruins.

After seeing all of that we went back to the train station, grabbed lunch, took the bus to the airport and waited for our flight to London for the last leg of our trip. We got to the airport really early so that we had plenty of time in case we ran into trouble and were SO thankful we planned on that when someone forgot their bag hear the check in and the police cleared the terminal.

On to London!

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