Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Big Reveal

After 4 long days of hard work (mostly by my wonderful hubs, my brother and a friend from work) the floors are done!

I went to Pier 1 today and got the rug under the dining table and am waiting on this rug to go on sale so we can put it in the living room. SO excited. The house has taken on a whole new feel and I really like it. Please disregard the dust and tools lying aorund. We're still trying to get everything picked up after being in a construction zone for the last few days. :-)

As crazy as it sounds, this transformation has made me very anxious to decorate for Christmas. (but I can't be TOO crazy, Hobby Lobby has had their Christmas stuff up for a month now!)


S D said...

That looks awesome! Beautiful floors and great work on the installation :)

Dancing In His Reign said...

Love the new floors friend! They look great! sorry to cut the phone call short tonight- the boy popped around the corner more quickly than I thought & interrupted what I would have discussed with you. either way- the floors look great! as do the rugs. =)

Lyryn said...

The floors look so amazing!! Great job!