Thursday, July 16, 2009

Road Trip '09 (Part 1)

Here's part of what we saw in Western Kansas - they're impressive, and I know they're going to help create energy but I'm not sure I like them all over the place...

Yay for the mountains and no more flat land!!!

Grand Tetons National Park!

In the Old Faithful part of Yellowstone.

We watched this geyser errupt. It was taller than Old Faithful and very cool.

A herd of bison in Yellowstone. I had to laugh, you get a packet of papers with maps, etc. when you arrive at the park. One of the papers we got was a half sheet of paper warning people that the bison aren't as tame as they appear. The herd was about 100 yards off the road and there were people within 20 yards of them. SERIOUSLY!!!

We got into Canada and Osoyoos (I thin?) was the first big town we came to. It was Canada day and very busy.
There were cherry trees everywhere in the Interior of BC so I made Mike stop so we could get some. They were amazing!

This is a bridge they just built near Mike's parent's town so people didn't have to use the ferry to cross the river.

Lake Alouette in BC

Seattle when we left BC and headed for the rest of our adventure!

On the beach in Oregon. Lily was NOT a fan of the water.

A huge air museum we came across in Tilamook, OR. It was closed when we got there but we want to go if we're ever back in the area.

An awesome restaurant on the beach that we ate at in Oregon.
Part 2 is coming!

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