Saturday, May 2, 2009

Kitchen Tour

Kelly's Korner is doing a "house tour" every Friday. This week - it was kitchens. I'm a little late but here is our kitchen!

The dining area with the kitchen on the left.

The kitchen

You know you're married to an Engineer when you have a computer in your kitchen. Not gonna lie though, I really enjoy it! It's great for the times that I'm following a new recipe that I found online. (Please disregard the Christmas plate, it fit when I took the picture but has been exchanged for something different until November.) :-)

Our dishes are Pottery Barn's Sausolito - we have blue, green and white sets that are so fun together!

Hope you enjoyed our kitchen. Next week - it's the living room!


Lynn said...

This kitchen tour is so fun. I am loving peeking into the lives of others and seeing the different styles. Your pottery barn dishes are so pretty, the colors and swirly pattern go great together.

Also-I will pray for your friend. I hope she is back already, let us know.

Mare said...

I love your kitchen! I'm married to an engineer too. We don't have a computer in the kitchen yet but we have five computers in our house...there's only two of us.


Susie from Bienvenue said...

Love your open kitchen. I could never have a computer in my kitchen. My family would starve for sure...hehe! Thanks for sharing! Susie~