Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Stress relief via M&Ms

If you haven't already heard, the company Mike and I work for is going through some significant layoffs. We have been blessed to still have our jobs and pray that it says that way but trust that God will provide should that not be His plan. (We would greatly appreciate your prayers that we will continue to have jobs, the power of prayer is an incredible thing!)

Anyway, since the layoffs began, I started keeping a mug of M&Ms on my desk as "stress relief" and it has become a great indicator as to how bad of a day it's going to be based on how early M&M consumption starts and then how rough of a day it truly was based on how many M&Ms were devoured. The M&Ms have truly become a great stress relief and the "indicator levels" a great source of laughter in my office, especially with the plastic fork that serves as a 'dispenser' in hopes of contaminating each other with the unkown. I've told my parents all about the M&Ms and today, I got this in the mail from them:

I now have my very own M&M dispenser for my desk. One that matches the ones my parents have at their desks! Thank you Mom and Dad for the sweet thought and a dispenser way better than a plastic fork, for the laughter I know it will bring tomorrow and in the coming weeks, and for all of your prayers as Mike and I weather these rough waters. Love you guys!


renee said...

my parents have one of those too!!

Christee said...

Praying for you & Mike!!