Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Guest Rooms Galore

Guest Bedrooms are the main event on Kelly's blog this week - here's mine!

This is the upstairs room - the comforter has been mine since I was about 12 and I think it's beautiful (despite not thinking so as a 12 year old girl when my Mom picked it out) :-)

This is the little corner at the foot of the bed. The red table was in our living room until I found something else that worked. I wasn't sure the red would work in this room and thought I'd have to paint it but I'm not so sure now. The painting was a wedding gift from my dear friend, Jaime, isn't she talented!

This is the other corner - a little unfinished but who cares. My grandpa made the little table and chairs for my dolls when I was little. The closet is to the right of the picture.

This is the bed - my grandpa refinished it when I was little and made the sideboards longer since they figured I'd be tall with such tall parents (and I'm so glad he did because I am!)

This is the bedroom downstairs. It's our 'baseball room' where we display Mike's college baseball stuff. Eventually, I'm going to add my Cardinals stuff, too. The room doesn't get used very much, probably because the bed is an air mattress, but I like it and we'll eventually get a real bed for it.

And, since I didn't add this last week to the living room post (I forget that not everyone has a basement... here's our basement/casual living area)

We got the entertainment center from Ballard Designs. I saw the couch a few years ago when Mike was looking for a couch for his apartment but it was too big - I was so excited to find it again when we were ready to buy a house - it's super deep and long which is great for us! You can see a coordinating ottoman that also has a chair in the bottom right corner of the picture.

Mike's computer area is in the back corner. There are lots of "trinkets" on the entertainment center that family members have brought us from their travels around the world, a few I got while I was in Europe and there's still space for anything Mike and I get when we go to Europe - now if only we knew when that would be...

This is at the bottom of the stairs - the table and chairs were my maternal grandparents and are yet another addition to our home that are so special to me.

Hope you enjoyed!


Anna said...

Thanks for the tour!

Martha said...

thanks for the tour! I love that star in the last picture!

Kristine said...

The painting really is pretty and so are the rooms!


AndreaLeigh said...

i love your bed and the ladder bookshelves are amazing.

Anonymous said...

Oh my word, I used to have same comforter when I was a girl! I even had a huge pillow that went with the set. Definitely brought a smile to see that! :)

Claire said...

Thanks for the tour - you have a lovely home!


Laurie said...

Very nice, thanks for the tour!

Christee said...

Sarah~How cute! I loved the tour!! While I think the house is so adorable--my favorite part is hearing the stories & history behind each piece of furniture. Thanks for sharing such a special part of you!

Becca said...

nice rooms! :-) thanks for having us!

Melissa Miller said...

Very pretty Sarah! :)
You have a beautiful home.