Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Nester's Tour of Homes

Christmas Tour of Homes with The Nester

Yay! I can't tell ya'll how excited I am to see everyone's Christmas decorations!

In the mean time, welcome to our home!

I took this picture a few nights ago - it looks like it was snowing but it wasn't even close. I guess I need to clean the lens on my camera! :-)

Here's the house lit up with our outside lights. We have candle lights in every window - I love the way it looks. We're going to put more lights up next year, we realized this year that we needed a little more outside.

Our Christmas wreath on the front door.
Our mantel - I don't light the candles very often but it looks so pretty when I do.

Our tree all lit up! I still love how well my tree skirt turned out.
Some of our Christmas ornaments - the pineapple my Dad and brothers brought us from Colonial Williamsburg; the Swarovski tree, holly, and snowflake some family friends gave us as a wedding gift; the ornament we got in Hawaii on our Honeymoon; the fishing moose from our road trip to Grand Teton Nat'l Park and beyond; one from NYC that friends sent us after we couldn't find one when we were there (in June); and every Texas girl needs a cowboy boot on her tree! :-) Mike and I try to get a Christmas ornament wherever we travel - it makes for wonderful memories and lots of fun when we pick them out together.

The platter on the bar next to the tree - a dear friend gave it to us as a wedding gift and it makes me smile every time I look at it.
A poinsettia (99 cents from Lowes on Black Friday - my only purchase that day) on the table next to the couch with an angel figurine that Mike's Mom gave me the first Christmas we were married.
The shelves above the couch.

The bell that hangs from the chandelier over the dining room. I took the picture before I added the poinsettia to the center of the table and to the corner shelf.

A snowflake candle holder in the guest bathroom.
We also have glass balls and tons of berry picks all over the house in random places. I've seen several tutorials online for these magazine Christmas trees so I made a few the other day - they're very cute!

We do have a little tree in our basement. My grandparents gave me $20 before I went back to school at Thanksgiving my senior year of college. I lived in an apartment style dorm that year and knew we needed a little tree (even if it only had lights and a ribbon tree topper). My Mom added the lantern lights to the tree a few years ago when they had the tree up in their basement.

That's it! I can't wait to see everyone's decorations and get ideas for next year!

Have a very blessed and Merry Christmas!


Bobbie said...

So cute! Love that little tree!

Natasha said...

I love all of your decorations but I love all the pictures of the candles and the tree all lit up at night-so festive!

Blessings and best Christmas wishes, Natasha.

Jennifer Juniper said...

The mantle really is lovely with the candles lit :)

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Your home is just beautiful. May many wonderful Christmas memories be made within its walls.

Our home is having an old fashioned handmade Christmas this year. I hope you will stop by.

Heather said...

Your home is beautiful! It all looks so pretty! Great job decorating! merry Christmas!

Reen said...

Your home is so pretty. I love the simple touches of red throughout the home. It's festive without being "In your face".

Thanks for sharing!

K Mommy said...

I love the platter! Sooo cute! Thanks for sharing!

Kristy said...

I love that Noel platter - its beautiful!

Heather said...

Very cute! Merry Christmas!

Laryssa Herbert said...

I really like how all your ornaments have a story. What great memories!

Thanks for showing us around. Come by and visit me anytime. Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

It all looks so festive! We buy an ornament when ever we travel as well. And each and every year we buy the kids a new ornament. Usually we buy them one that reflects something from the previous year.W e have sought out the unique and the meaningful for them. We mark the year on the ornament with a Sharpie marker so that they will know what year they received it. Thanks for showing us around! I am stopping in from Nester's place. To see my tour click on the 'Christmas 2009' tag on the left sidebar of my blog.

Ruth said...

Love it all~looks beautiful.

Ruth said...

Stopping by on Nesters tour!
I love your home... it is so cozy!