Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas in Canada

(no pictures, our camera flash broke so we had to send it in, sorry!)

This year was Mike's family's "turn" for Christmas. We got to Seattle on Monday afternoon and grabbed some lunch before shopping at an outlet mall for an hour (we limited it to one hour so the boys didn't get bored) :-) and then headed North.

Most of our week was spent hanging around the house (boo for Christmas colds) but we did get lots of family time in and got to hang out with several of Mike's friends from home. Oh, and hockey, we watched lots of hockey. :-)

We got home Tuesday night, we even ended up catching an earlier flight home which was great because we had a three-seat row to ourselves (an Economy plus row at that!) and didn't have to deal with the 20 minute delay that our original flight had because of the snow. Mike did have to go back to the airport the next morning to get our bag but it was so nice to be home earlier - with or without our bag!

So yeah, that's it. Kinda boring but oh so relaxing and nice to spend time with family!

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