Monday, January 7, 2008

Off the retaining wall, through the building and into trouble

Some crazy things have happened at and near my office since my return to work this year.

To start, I was sitting at my desk last Thursday when I heard a loud crash/thud sound. When I looked across the hall, everyone was looking out the window so I ran over to see what was going on and found a car on it's side at the corner where my office is. I immediately took off down the hall and ran out to the car to make sure the people in the car didn't move but other people got there before me and were all over it. The guy driving what we later found out was a mini-van (we couldn't tell when it was on it's side and beat up) was headed south on a street that runs next to the side of my office towards an intersection and somehow managed to go airborn, jump the curb, take out two posts that once held parking meters, take out a corner of my office's landscaping, bounce off a retaining wall twice, bounce off the lightpost about 1/3 of the way up it and finally flip onto its side into the street that runs in front of my office. The whole ordeal lasted about an hour from the time it happened to the time they got him safely out. The guy had to have been tearing down the road for all of it to have happened. He ended up being fine so that was good but I have to admit, it was really cool watching the fire department rip the roof off his car to get him safely out.

Today, or rather, a little after midnight this morning, a guy decided to drive through City Hall. Apparently the guy had been in a gas station parking lot and the police were called because neighbors were complaining about his music being too loug. Police came to take care of it, he got mad and said something about running through City Hall and by the end of the whole deal, he did. He drove through the building, taking out approximately 8 million dollars worth of metal detectors and other security equipment not to mention a ton of other damage. He ended up in the parking garage on the other side of the building and proceeded to get out of his car, lay down on the ground and surrender to police "without incident".

To top it all off - Michael Vick is serving the remainder of his sentence in Leavenworth, KS.

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