Monday, January 21, 2008

I'm Getting Old

Right after Christmas Mike saw a space heater on Woot and we, along with my parents, ordered one. (They're a wonder in the winter and you want to cozy up in one room and only need that room warm.)

We got our heater about a week later and I had to pull it out before Mike and I went on our date. It got hot as soon as I turned it on and I was so excited. On our way to dinner, I decided to call my parents to see if they had gotten theirs. My Mom answered and started cracking up as soon as I asked if they had gotten theirs - she said it had been delivered that day and she was standing in front of it and so happy with it. (If you really know my Mom and me, you can picture each of us talking on the phone about the different features of the heater and laughing at how we liked the same things about it) My brother was in the background laughing at my Mom, Dad and me but none of us cared.

Bottom line, I can't believe I got so excited about a heater but it is wonderful. Even better than the heater is knowing how much I've turned into my Mom - I couldn't be happier. :-)

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