Monday, February 22, 2010

A Whole Lot of Random

To go along with the title, everything in this post is also in random order. :-)

I finally remade my wreath for early Spring and took all of the Christmas-y stuff off it. My Mom always used the same grapevine wreath and redecorated it based on the season or holiday and now I do the same thing - so fun! I found green toile ribbon for 80 cents (!) at Michaels and I had the rest of the stuff (flowers that have been used on two other wreaths, brown ribbon, green ribbon that our wedding gifts were wrapped in, and raffia bag filling that I tucked in around everything). I couldn't get a good picture of it so this will have to do.

The Michael's near my work is moving to a new location and is having a big clearance sale so they don't have to move stuff. I was amazed at how empty the store already was but found some great deals - 70% off the lowest ticket price!

I got 6 rolls of ribbon, 4 sheets of scrapbook paper, yellow paint for the sunflower pillow I'm planning on making soon, Christmas/snowflake stamps, and metallic pens for $10!!!! I only had 20 minutes to look around but I think I'm going to go back again before the end of the week to see if I missed anything. Oh, how I enjoy a good deal! :-)

Last week I found flowers for our mantel (it needed some "green") at a different Michael's sale. Now I just need to find a face that is heavy enough to hold them but until then, they look pretty good just laying there.

I used to curl my hair with hot rollers all the time in high school and I got new hot rollers a few weekends ago. I'm having so much with my new curly hair even though my hair is fairly curly on it's own, this is a nice little change of pace.

I realized I never posted pictures of our new bed! Here is our "old" bed in the guest room in the basement - it looks great!
And here is our new bed! I'm working on the headboard - I can't figure out what I want to do but I'll figure it out eventually.
That's it! Hopefully my next post will have a little more order...

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