Monday, February 8, 2010

That was it?

After weeks of hearing much debate in regard to THE Tim Tebow commercial that would air during the Super Bowl, I was anxious to see it and at the end I was left thinking, "That was it?"

Now, to explain my feelings. I do NOT, nor will I ever, think abortion is acceptable. I was beyond thrilled that CBS chose to air the commercial and my thoughts of "that was it?" were not due to the fact that the message didn't throw the "abortion is wrong" thing in your face but rather, "That was awesome! Why in the world were people so up in arms about that commercial?"

Yes, yes, I know... people who are pro-life see it as a major attack on their beliefs but seriously - I do not think that Focus on the Family could have presented the message in a more appropriate way. Too often Christians are seen as being too abrupt in telling people when they are in the wrong and I think Focus did a good job at piquing people's interest to share a much bigger message.

I'm sure many people could go round and round with me on this topic. I'm know I didn't accurately explain the entirety of my thoughts and feelings on the commercial and abortion in this short little post but I had to get the gist out there while the commercial was still fresh on everyone's minds.

In short - "that was it" was really SO much more.

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