Sunday, February 7, 2010

Project List Update

Here's an update on my projects. A little slow going but some of them aren't "must do" things but the ones that are "must do" are getting done slowly but surely!
  • refinish Poppop's chair
  • make sunflower pillow (like this one) for the living room couch. My artistic painting skills aren't that great so we'll see how that turns out.
  • make a cake stand like this one - such a fun and brilliant idea and yay for saving $$!
  • refinish this table
  • paint the basement room floor
  • finish a scrap book for my my Mom's and my two week trip to Paris/England/Ireland in 2004 (yep, that far behind...)
  • finish scrap booking our road trip from the summer (DONE)
  • make a "snuggie" for Mike (will be done so - I'm going to buy a real Snuggie because it's less than half the price of buying the fabric to make one)
  • make a bath robe for Mike
  • make a sign with our last name & "Est. 2007" on it to hang in our little entry. I've been meaning to order one but, due to my indecisiveness, can't figure out exactly what I want it to look like so I'm doing it myself. That way if I don't like it, I have only myself to blame. :-) (DONE - see the sign here)
  • make a new headboard for the KING SIZE mattress we bought yesterday
  • make a bedskirt for same said bed
  • make a curtain for our bathroom window (don't worry, the window is actually a bunch of glass tiles but it needs something to soften it up a little)

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