Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pumpkins, Plants and Tree Skirts

Yay for productive weekends!

Friday night, I made our tree skirt after I got all of the necessary fabric either on sale or half price because of coupons. Here's the final product. I'm excited.

I backed the burlap with red and green fabric that says "NOEL" on it. I did it so that the burlap had some reinforcement and so that it wasn't rough against our wood floor. I remembered seeing the fabric at the fabric store last year and it was on clearance so it was even better. The hilarious part was, as many times as I reminded myself to make sure the 'right' side ended up on the outside when I turned the skirt inside out, it didn't and now the fabric says "LEON". Yep. Great job, Sarah. At least I'll laugh about it every year I pull it out. :-)

Mike and I ran errands today and got pumpkins for the fall and a new little plant for our living area since I killed the last one. I DON'T have a green thumb.

Groceries for the next two weeks are put away, laundry is done (minus ironing), I made pumpkin bread for us and a loaf for our sweet neighbors just because and now I'm watching the Yankee vs. Red Sox game. Now, if only we got the Cards game tonight... they're gonna clench!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!!

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