Sunday, September 13, 2009

From East to West and Back Again

The day after I got back from NYC, I left for New Mexico with my Mom. We were long past due for some quality girl time and we had a blast doing absolutely nothing other than a little shopping and enjoying salads with either grilled chicken or salmon for the 4 nights we were there.

Silly me brought my camera but only took two pictures. The first is of the board we bought to make a headboard for the master bedroom at the cabin and the second is what the mountains looked like when we were headed home with the board in the back of the car. It held off just long enough to get home and get the board out of the car without getting soaked.

My Mom bought this cute little butter dish for me when we went shopping. The sunflowers are so fitting since we live in Kansas and the blue coordinates with our dishes. It will come in handy at Thanksgiving since everyone is coming here! (I have these berries all over our house for Thanksgiving. They're so simple but work so well.)

I felt crafty today - in large part due to a trip to Michael's to look around their big sale right now - and realized we needed a little stocking for Lily. The felt puckered a little because the sewing machine and I weren't getting along very well tonight and I gave up fighting back. It's not perfect but it's still cute. I have great plans for a Christmas tree skirt so I'll post that once I get the fabric.
Backto work tomorrow - furlough time is over for me until Thanksgiving. Hope ya'll have a wonderful week!

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