Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Belated Spring Cleaning

Other than to see my family, one of the big goals of the weekend was for me to go through all of my things that were still at my parent's house and either get rid of it or bring it back with me. Doing so got me on a kick and I spent most of the day sorting through my closet and a lot of our other things to organize and get rid of anything we don't need/want any more. I have a big pile of things to take to Goodwill now - yipee!

Mike finished the trim around our fireplace today:

And carpeted the cat stand that he made for Pepper's food. Her food used to be on a kitchen table so Lily couldn't get to it but then she scratched the chair so Mike built this himselt. We used carpet samples to cover it since we couldn't find a small enough remenant to buy.

The cool weather made me want to make something a little more "fall" for dinner so we had beef stroganoff for dinner. YUM!

Tomorrow, finish cleaning, pack and then head to Labor Day '09 with the girls in NYC!

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