Saturday, March 28, 2009

Snow Day!

Yep, that's right. A week ago I was wearing shorts and today it looks like this outside...

I opened the back door to take pictures and there was a nice ice "frame" around most of the door.

We've been hanging out inside, staying warm and cleaning up around the house. It has been nice to have a good excuse to stay home and not do much since we took Lily to the vet Friday to get spayed. She was supposed to stay over night but she did so well and with the weather getting bad, the vet called and said we could get her last night. She's still out of it but is so cute curled up sleeping, even if it is on the clean laundry I'm trying to fold..

Thursday was my birthday, we stayed in and watched basketball - it was perfect. Mike got me a great little Vera Bradley wristlet wallet (he had a little help with that one from yours truly) and surprised me with a pot of tulips. He also got chocolate mousse mice from a place that was my FAVORITE as a little girl.

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