Sunday, March 22, 2009

Home Improvement Wish List

I have a great time working on our house. There are lots of little things to do on a daily basis but there are still a few fairly significant "projects" that Mike and I want to do. Since we're on a budget and have to stay in the budget - I'm making a sky-is-the-limit wish list on here to tide me over. :-)

1. Wood floors - I want to put them in the kitchen/dining/living area.

2. Once we get wood floors I want to get a rug for the living area and one for the under the dining table.

This is what I want for the dining room (it's from Ballard Designs):

This is my favorite for the living room so far - it's from Pottery Barn. I've been watching for the right rug at the right price for awhile:

3. Eventually, I'd also like to get some nice chairs for the living area. I kinda like these:

4. Tile in all three bathrooms - there's linoleum with a tile pattern on there now.

5. (this one is actually at the top of the list) Find something for over the couch - yep, still looking. My plan was to take some great pictures during our trip we were hoping to take to Europe this fall and have them blown up and hang those over the couch but since that trip isn't looking too good because of the economy, not knowing if our company will have furloughs, etc., I'm looking for a new option.

Other little things I want to do:
- find a little table to put in the upstairs guest room
- find a more wall decor for: over our bed, our bathroom, the upstairs guest room, and the downstairs bathroom

I'm sure there's more but what we have here is a ton of work and I'm very excited about it!

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