Sunday, April 5, 2009

Last and this weekend

Last weekend, since we were stuck inside because of the snow, Mike and I hung out at home. It was wonderful. I got eggs and an Easter egg dye kit for us to play with on Sunday. Mike thought I was insane for blowing out all dozen of the eggs (and after it was all said and done, I did, too) but we had fun dying them.

I also got an artichoke for us to eat with dinner - I grew up eating them and now Mike enjoys them, too.

This weekend, Mike's friend Kevin came to visit. We showed him around Wichita - WAHOO! :-) Unfortunately, I left my camera at home so we don't have pictures of the 3ish highlights (the first Pizza Hut, Kevin's first Sonic visit and the Keeper of the Plains) Oh well. Kevin, I hope Kansas didn't bore you too much!


renee said...

does that green egg say "stellan"? cause that would be awesome! i can't wait to dye eggs next weekend! i do it every year. you're never too old!!!!

Sarah said...

Yes, it does! It didn't turn out quite as well as I had hoped. I wanted to do something with his name somehow and when I didn't know how to decorate the last one, that's what I did! No, you are NEVER too old to decorate eggs!

Dragon said...

Your eggs look adorable! :)