Sunday, February 8, 2009

Nothing Specific

Not much has been going on here lately, but here are the highlights:
  • We made it through a second round of layoffs at Cessna and are saying BIG prayers that we make it through round three. We're also saying prayers for everyone who has lost their jobs and thanking God for blessing us in the ways He has and praying that regardless of what happens, that we continue to trust Him. Please keep us and our jobs in your prayers, too!
  • Mike and I are wrapping up week 3 of nasty colds. I completely lost my voice yesterday and hope it comes back before work tomorrow.
  • My family was here this weekend to celebrate my Grandad's birthday. Mike and I stayed home from dinner with them last night because we didn't want to expose my grandparents. I felt bad but knew is was the right thing to do.
  • We have curtains for our bedroom, thanks to my Mom and Dad and their Christmas gift to us. I need to finish buying the hardware though so we can actually hang them, I'm just waiting on more BB&B coupons in the mail! :-)
  • The weather this weekend was beautiful and I'm ready for Spring!
That's really it - lots of random things, and nothing that exciting, but I wanted to get a new post up. :-)

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Anonymous said...

They started putting BB&B coupons in magazines.