Sunday, February 22, 2009

At the foothills of the Ozarks...

1. Do you remember your campus mail box number?
14895 (I think)

2. What was your favorite class?
I really enjoyed my photography class with Mike James, Editing with Jim Miller and all of my classes at HUF, just because they were taken in Italy. :-)

3. Did you ever get dormed? What for?

4. After leaving HU, how long before you got your first letter asking for donations?
No idea.

5. Did you truly fall in love at HU? Who?
No, but my true love did go to Harding. Love you, Mike! :-)

6. Were you ever caught making out at the soccer fields?

7. What was your favorite meal in the cafeteria?
Hm - probably the chicken Caesar wraps

8. Were you in a Social Club?
Delta Gamma Rho

9. Did you ever sneak out after curfew or have others sneak in?

10. Which dorm were you in?
Cathcart, Searcy, Patti Cobb and Pryor

11. Do you still have your notes from others?
Probably somewhere.

12. Did you ever get in trouble for clothes you wore?
Kinda - I have really long legs so any shorts or skirts always looked a lot shorter than they actually were.

13. Is there a song that makes you remember a time at HU?
Hey Baby, Cecilia, anything Enya, Trans Siberian Orchestra, Manaheim Steamroller

14. What did you major in?
Public Relations

15. Did you have a nickname?

16. What is one of your fondest memories?
My freshman suite, Kelcey, Becca and Jenny hands down my favorite stories and there are two many to list
Slip and sliding on the front lawn in the rain
Living with Sio'Bhan and our Wednesday night "dates" to watch the Bachelor
Living on "the hall" junior year
Late nights with the Buffalo Gals in the Bison office

17. What's one of the things you'd like to erase from your mind?
I'm sure there are a few but I don't regret them either, I grew from them.

18. Who was your roommate?
Kelcey, Lindsey, Sio'Bhan, Becca, Alicia, Sandy (I wasn't a bad roommate, HUF and friends getting married played a part in having so many) :-)

19. Circle of friends, all around social butterfly, or loner?
Little of circle of friends and social butterfly - far from a loner

20. Favorite chapel memory?
Christmas chapel
Dr. Burks saying "Shriek" instead of "Shrek"
Listening to the beautiful voices singing
Senior Chapel

21. Did you ever have a crush that you never shared or pursued?
Not that I can remember

22. Did you play intramural sports?

23. Did you have a job?

24. Is there someone you've lost touch with and wish you could find?
I'd wish I knew how Lindsey was doing and what she's up to.

25. Is there someone you didn't know well then, but now have grown close to?

26. How did it make you better? What life lessons did you learn?
To relax, to enjoy life and that God will always be there for me and tell me what I need to hear exactly when I need to hear it.

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