Sunday, January 3, 2010

MORE House Stuff

I'm sure ya'll are tired of seeing stuff about our house but I have so much fun making our house a home and this is my way of documenting everything we've done. (So thanks for hanging in there with me!) :-)

My sweet Mom was walking up our basement stairs the other night and we heard a big crash. When my Dad and I ran upstairs we found the floater frame that used to hold this picture on the ground in three pieces so I ran out yesterday to get a new, sturdier version of the floater frame.
When I was out getting the new frame, I saw three aisles of home decor stuff on clearance at Hobby Lobby and this little wire basket was perfect for on top of the toilet. $3 is hard to beat.
My next little project is to find frames to hang above our side tables in the bedroom since we hardly have anything on the walls in there. The catch with that is that I wanted to move the lamps to the outside of the table but Mike found a great solution! (see below)

See that little white box thing? It's a switch on the end of an extension cord so those "hard to reach" switches are a little more accessible. Mike only got one so we could make sure it would work but it does so we'll get another one and then we'll stick them onto the back of our side tables so we can easily turn on/off the lamps next to the bed. I know it sounds lazy but when the temperature outside is in the single digits the last thing you want to do is get halfway out of bed so you can turn the lamp off. :-)
My parents stayed at our house on their way to and from Texas last week and they brought this mirror back from Poppop's house. I asked Mom what she was going to do with the mirror and she asked if I wanted it. Of course, if it came from a family member's house then I love having it around and since she didn't have plans for it other than to keep it, I got to keep it. (my grandpa found the actual mirror and asked a guy to frame it, when he went to pick it up the guy had chipped around the mirror to make it fit the frame rather than make a new frame to fit the mirror and because of that story, my Mom wanted to keep the mirror)

Now I need to figure out where I'm going to hang it!

I'm working on another post to show you my plans for our unfinished basement room. I'm VERY excited about it!

(the post below is new, too, by the way)

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Francine said...

hi sara i found your blog through kellys korner blog on her prayer list. anyway just wanted to tell you im adding your blog to my regular visit list. I love your ideas and deffinatley will be checking back. So far you have done a great job decorating. I am also praying for your friend that was on the list. have a wonderful day. francine howell