Thursday, January 21, 2010

Favorite Shopping Spots @ Kelly's Korner

We're sharing our favorite shopping spots this week on Kelly's - I can't wait to see where everyone likes to shop and hopefully find a few new favorites!

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Mike laughs at me because I do enjoy shopping but I very rarely buy anything unless I have a coupon or it's on sale. I think it's funny too but my Mom did the same thing when I was growing up so I got it from her and I've found that I enjoy my "deals" so much more than anything I spend more money on.

As for my favorite places to shop.... most of my clothes are from two places:


I like the styles and the prices (especially with those sales and coupons!). Not to mention the fact that I can actually find pants that are long enough for me at Gap - yay for their "Tall" option online! :-)

I also like H&M but we don't have one where I live so I only get to go when we visit family.

If I weren't worried about prices so much, I'd frequent these places quite a bit more often:

I got my favorite coat on sale from J. Crew a few years ago and want to get another one in a new color eventually but I have to wait for my size in the right color to go on sale. :-)

And who doesn't enjoy the spunk that Anthro's clothes bring? I think they're so fun!

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