Sunday, June 15, 2008

Great friends, great city, great fun

Mike and I are back from our trip to NYC & CT to visit Kelcey & Jordan & go to Kelli's wedding. We had a blast and it was wonderful to see so many of my wonderful friends. We had an amazing time in NYC - Kelcey was a wonderful tour guide and I wish we could have stayed longer to visit the museums and see a Broadway show but we got to see a Mets game (the Yankees were on the road) and enjoyed spending time with friends.

Kelli's wedding was wonderful as well - I saw friends I hadn't seen in more than 2 years and friends I hadn't seen since our wedding. We loved seeing our friend so happy on her big day and had fun hanging out with even more friends. Mike was a trooper being around mostly girls for almost the entire weekend! :-)

Other than seeing friends, the highlights of the weekend were the game (I can cross another MLB stadium off my list) and driving in NYC. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I drove in NYC. We had to rent a car to get to Kel's wedding and since Mike is just shy of 25, I got to drive and save us money. We took a few wrong turns getting out of the city but we did it and I even drove in pouring rain on the way back. While I am proud of myself, I don't ever want to drive in that city again. There should be a disclaimer that speed limits are merely a suggestion and if you don't go at least 10 miles over the limit, you will get run over.

Enjoy the pictures - the rest are on Facebook!

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