Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thankful Thursdays

SO SO SO much to be thankful for (as always)

  • sweet neighbors who cut our prairie grass down for us. We didn't cut it down enough last year so it was a bad mix of green and brown for most of this year but won't be this year!
  • Mike - a given but yesterday he made dinner and twice rubbed my neck and shoulder down with Icy Hot because my neck was in serious pain for some reason
  • getting everything done at work when I wasn't quite sure I was going to (and wonderful coworkers who are AMAZING help)
  • God taking care of this sweet little man. Never met him, or any of his family for that matter, but people all over the world have raised him up in prayer. I can't wait to see what God has in store for him!
  • relaxing nights at home, laying on the couch, enjoying the sight of our Christmas tree lit up and our new rug on the floor with Lily and Pepper running around providing entertainment
  • our first holiday at home. My family will be at our house this Thanksgiving and I'm so excited (and anxious and nervous because I want everyone to have a good time and because I'm going to do a lot of the cooking!) :-)


Jenilee said...

I hope your first thanksgiving at home goes well! cooking would make me VERY nervous. :)

The Pifer's said...

Hope all is well..

Love, hugs and prayers...
Tiffany Pifer