Sunday, May 16, 2010

In Two Weeks

Whew, we had a long but good weekend. Friday and most of Saturday were spent getting ready for a baby shower I hosted for a friend. I only got one picture during the shower and that was of the food...
Moving on to the title of this post - we're finishing the last room in our basement. Here's a before shot. Yikes!
Here's the basement bedroom filled with some of the stuff we had to move out of the room in preparation for painting the floor this week and the contractors to dry wall, etc. next week.
Another shot of the basement and the temporary home for the rest of the stuff...
The empty room! The wet spots are from us mopping to get ready to paint the floor. We're going to use the room as a work/craft/storage room and decided not to carpet the room for the time being. I cannot wait for it to be done, to have the house back in order, and have an awesome room to decorate and play in!

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