Monday, March 29, 2010

Another One Bites the Dust

In the almost five years Mike has lived in the town we currently live in he has gone through three, count 'em, three paper shredders. The second one lasted into the first year of our marriage and the third bit the dust Saturday. I tried to fix it tonight and somehow managed to find a loose spring that unfortunately is no longer in the shredder. It was making a high-pitched whirring sound. Now it doesn't. I think we're going to buy a new shredder soon...

On a fun note, you need to check out this site's list of children's fiction book heroes. I hadn't heard of some of them but you'll know and cherish the ones that you do know. :-) I can't pick my favorite.


Stephen said...

Hi Sarah,
That is hilarious! Stephen has taken out three shredders as well. Who knows how long # 4 will last. I started taking some of our junk mail to work to shred because they can handle so much at a time. Good luck with your next shredder. :-)

Stephen said...

Oh Sorry. It shows me as Stephen. This is Kira. :-)