Saturday, December 6, 2008

Trans Siberian and more

Mike and I went to Trans Siberian Orchestra last night. It was awesome. (Minus the 60ish year old drunk hippie guy sitting next to us with his wife who had to be 1/3 his age - they were both giving "rock fingers" throughout the concert - it as hilarious.)

I got in "trouble" for having my camera out. It was before the show though so I just put it away and it was no big deal. I hadn't seen the tickets until that night and didn't look at them then so I never saw the "no cameras" note but oh well, no harm done. Here is a picture I got from our seats though.

I also went out today to use my Christmas gift certificate from Mike's parents at the Green Elephant. I got a beautiful Mary Hadley Christmas platter and am so excited about it. The second picture is the giant bell I got at Potter's in Langley when we were at Mike's parent's house for Thanksgiving. It's hanging from the chandelier over our dining table.

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Mark and Emma said...

Oh I'm so jealous! I bet Transiberian was so awesome!