Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fact: We're Addicted

After months and months of hearing from friends and coworkers how awesome 'The Office' is we finally started watching it from Season 1. We have Netflix and you can watch episodes instantly over the internet and since our t.v. is hooked up to the internet, it works really well. We'll see how quickly we can catch up...

We're not sure which is more entertaining, Jim's faces and the pranks he and Pam play on Dwight or Dwight and Michael's ignorance and stupidity. Either way, it's a funny show and we've enjoyed spending the time together watching and laughing.

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Kelly said...

Yippee for new Office fans. We're addicted, too. I think you are probably watching it one of the best ways. We like to DVR the episodes, so that we can rewind to things that are mumbled.