Friday, February 29, 2008

Right Place, Right Time

I have always known that God has me right where he wants me and when he wants me there but I can't help but love the moments that it is so perfectly clear.

Long story short, a meeting I had today was pushed back and after my meeting, I went home to eat lunch with Mike (he had the day off, lucky guy) before heading back to work. I stopped to get gas on my way to work and saw a lady slip on a curb and hit her head. I parked my car, jumped out and ran over to her because nobody else had seen her fall. She had two cuts on her forehead (that we found out needed stitches when the paramedics arrived) but other than being a little shaken up, she was fine.

I got to stay by this lady, keep her calm, comfort her and make an impact on her life, even if for just a few minutes. At one point during the almost half hour I stayed with her, she looked at me and asked why I was still there. I told her it was because I wanted to be there and make sure she was okay - her response, "Well I just can't believe it, there aren't many people who would do that anymore."

I'm so thankful my Lord puts me where I'm needed, when I'm needed and as silly as it sounds, I think Joyce made a bigger impact on me today than I did on her.

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